Reclaim Your Confidence & Embrace Your Feminity




Join me for #QUEEN a 4 week program to step into your feminine and harness your innate abilities and gifts as you reclaim confidence and take your #sexyback!

A #queen is her own source of love.  

She looks to no one, nothing for external validation, love, or approval.  

A queen knows that her power is within her.  

She know that the only source of inspiration, wisdom and beauty runs inherently through her veins.  

A queen 👑 leads with her heart and speaks her truth unapologetically.  


A #QUEEN is an alchemist, turning pain into strength, darkness into light, hate into love.  

A #QUEEN is not ashamed of who she is physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. She owns her personality and lives life to the fullest.  


A #QUEEN doesn't turn to others to fill herself but rather knows the only peace and happiness that she will ever find are already hers, within her, radiating from her.  


A #QUEEN is a woman who seeks validation from no one, a woman who embraces her divine feminine and perfectly balances the masculine.  


YOU are a #QUEEN and it's time to shine! So many women now days have lost their power, that comes with embodying their divine feminine and have become trapped in the expectations and demands of others.  


It’s time now for women to make a change. Say YES to investing in you and make your life EXACTLY the way you want it!  


Are you ready?  


If you are finally DONE feeling exhausted, spread to thin, and/or insecure it’s time to say YES and start doing the inner work! #Queen= A woman who knows her worth, someone who lives from her heart and is unapologetically herself!  

Own your power. Own your divinity. Your strength. You worth. Walk your talk.

You are a Queen, a Warrior Goddess, and more powerful than you know! 


I used to boast about my lack of emotions, my inability to love and I would hide behind resting bitch face until I realized, hiding my emotions, being numb and choosing not to engage or connect didn’t make me much of a queen 👑 at all.  


When you can allow yourself to breathe, step back and surrender you learn the value of leading with love and compassion.  


A #QUEENS greatest asset is her ability to lead with love and make intimate and lasting connections with others.  

If you feel yourself spiraling into lack of emotion, leading with fear, and lack of trust, it’s time to do some inner work.  


#QUEEN is just the thing to get you back in your body and power! Join me and a tribe of women ready to step into their power and feminine energy. 


When you begin to enforce personal boundaries often time we lose people close to us, people who aren’t quite ready to let us be free or people who benefit from our lack and of boundaries.  


Words and phrases selfish, self centered, “you’ve changed” get thrown around in an attempt to bring us back into old patterns and ways of being.  


When you can stand strong knowing that your own personal boundaries will help to uplift and empower you, when you know that by putting yourself first and protecting your energy will give you more to offer the world, you’ll be able to enforce your boundaries so that no one else can fuck with your vibes!  


Sometimes that means walking away from people who can’t support us, sometimes that means closing the doors on certain relationships, social groups and friendships. In the end the ones who stick by you will benefit from your growth. Keep your those people close.  


Boundaries are a form of self love and necessary when you are becoming the person you are meant to be!  


This is just one of the many topics we cover in #QUEEN so join now and step into your QUEENDOM once and for all! 


I am only opening 12 spots to this transformational program. Apply below to see if you are a good fit!


Brittany Kentch

Badass Boss Business Owner

“In those days that my darkness begins to show its eerie self once again, I realize I have two choices-Rise back up again and again Or, I can loose my faith & continue letting anger rule my World. I choose to continue to get back up & keep trying. My light isn't lost anymore...You have shown me that  "I Can rise up" despite,"the breakdowns. You, have shown me to choose love time &, time again. Nikyla, you have changed Anger Into Patience..Sadness Into Triumph ..Numbness into Self Love. You have helped me in ways no one has ever been able to reach. You've shown me the way out of darkness with your gentle soul and wise advice full of love. I know with all my heart that God put you in my life to help show me the path again. I feel like you are one of my angels here on Earth. Thank you for being you today &, loving me through the anger & pain. You are so inspirational & full of light.”



"Before meeting Nikyla I was lost. I now know who I am and I have the told to become the woman I have always wanted to be. Nikyla taught me to love myself, know the I am worth it and that I CAN make a different in the world. Before I felt sad, lost, confused and alone, I now feel Happy, fulfilled and fully MYSELF! I love the transparency of Nikyla. She is real, raw and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. I highly recommend working with her. SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!"