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I am a Transformational Life & Self Empowerment Coach, Certified Energy Healer, Trauma/PTSD Recovery Coach, Inner Child Oracle, and Shadow Integration Specialist. 


I guide my clients to transcend trauma and limiting beliefs and create a life on their terms! I specialize in trauma/PTSD recovery, inner child healing, and shadow work integration.


I have a burning desire to guide men and women of all walks of life back to them selves. This work isn't about fixing what's broken, it's about embracing everything you are and remembering who you truly are. 


My clients learn to trust themselves and trust life again. They regain confidence and drive for life. They become powerful leaders and forces of change in the world as they step into their authentic self. My method work, I am living proof!

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    Real People, Real Stories, Real Transformations!

    Keysha Bass

    Badass Business Owner and Youtube Queen

    “I started working with Nikyla because my personal life was simply out of control. I was having some deep emotional pain and just praying about it wasn't cutting it. I had so many things I had buried and I needed someone to help me unravel so I could walk in freedom.


    My greatest takeaways were I learned how to love. Not only myself but also others. My marriage and my relationship with my sons has completely changed since working with her. We are able to communicate and love each other and this has been priceless.

    I would recommend Nikyla because she is hands down the best coach. She is compassionate, doesn't make you feel bad,  and has not only changed my life but my business has exploded!“

    Brandon Hyatt

    Nurse & Spiritual Seeker

    I started working with Nikyla after a dear friend of mine told me about the work he was doing with her. I was so intrigued, I inadvertently checked out her website. At that moment I was called to schedule a complimentary consultation with her over the phone. I didn't even have then intention to start working with her at the time, nor did I know just how much I actually needed her in my life. Nikyla has since changed my life for the better on every level because she has allowed me the space and room to find the love within myself again. She has supported me through some of the most challenging moments I have ever endured. I love working with Nikyla because she always pushes me and supports me no matter what, even when I am resisting with all my being. I would recommend working with Nikyla because she has grown to be way more than a coach, and if you love yourself enough you will love working with her too. 

    Brooke Ashley Martinson

    Real-Estate Agent

    Nikyla has Benefited me in my life by allowing my mental focus to be shifted. The shift in my mental focus has been able to enhance my family life and readjust my way of thinking to allow for less anxiety in my life. Working with Nikyla is like breathing a different type of air. It is refreshing and good for the soul. My personal life has been able to be more enjoyable. It feels less stressful than prior to working with Nikyla. I believe I am a more calm Mother and a more attentive wife. If you are someone who is looking for a personal in-depth experience who is open to learning new ways to connect with yourself to improve upon your life you should definitely reach out to Nikyla and make your first appointment. I have tried the typical “counseling” and while it was useful it just doesn’t compare to this type of growth and she seems to be able to get to the root much more quickly and actually guide you.

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