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Nikyla Maria

My name is Nikyla Maria and I am a Life & Self Empowerment Coach coach and Energy Healer I have been working with mindset, self, love, and trauma healing for over a decade. Its been and incredible journey and I have been able to help heal, guide, and motivate thousands of men and women all over the world.

Most of my packages (and well basically every other coach out there) are pretty costly, and with good reason, we are offering LIFE CHANGING work. But I wanted to offer something that maybe wasn’t so ALL IN, so IN YOUR FACE because while I am all about a nice good proverbial kick in the ass I also know that sometimes well, finances, life, time can be very valid excuses to not make time for yourself. 

That’s why I created Life Coach in Your Pocket.  This offer allows you to connect with me 1:1 at YOUR convenience. In between work and home, on your commute, or even at the gym. I offer everything from daily tips, inspiration, mindfulness techniques, inspiration, goal planning, action strategies and more, in one super simple, easy to access, affordable monthly plan. 

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Keysha Bass

Badass Business Owner and Youtube Queen


“I started working with Nikyla because my personal life was simply out of control. I was having some deep emotional pain and just praying about it wasn't cutting it. I had so many things I had buried and I needed someone to help me unravel so I could walk in freedom.

My greatest takeaways were I learned how to love. Not only myself but also others. My marriage and my relationship with my sons has completely changed since working with her. We are able to communicate and love each other and this has been priceless.

I would recommend Nikyla because she is hands down the best coach. She is compassionate, doesn't make you feel bad,  and has not only changed my life but my business has exploded!“

Martin Edmound

Life Coach & Personal Trainer


“I started working with Nikyla because, after seeing how my close friend Adam had started to change and grow, I was really moved. I knew I needed change in my life but also knew I needed guidance. I needed a catalyst. Adam recommended Nikyla so highly that I thought, why not have a call. and from the first moment I was all in!


One of my greatest takeaways with Nikyla was first helping me get grounded by establishing and gathering a source of spirituality.  A source of energy, power, strength and guidance. If I did nothing else, establishing this source for me has had a tremendous impact. Being able to have this one thing come to fruition in my life has given me incredible meaning, and a source for strength to get me through anything.


Nikyla changed my life by guiding me through everything that i was unhappy with and guiding me towards change within myself, and to have the courage to make the changes I knew i needed to make. She gave me the opportunity and means to find clarity and realize where my true strengths were and what I needed to be doing in life that would lead me toward fulfillment. And just as important, she guided me towards that and made me realize it was actually not out of reach.

Its one thing to want to make change but it is so overwhelming to try and figure out where to start and how to get there. Nikyla made those clouds dissipate.


What I love about working with Nikyla is that she is always holding me accountable. She is always challenging me and I am always up for it. She always knows what I need. She is insightful and guiding and caring. She is so full of love for those she works with it is absolutely refreshing. Her accessibility is fantastic as it reassures me that i am in fact not alone in this and that she actually is investing in me. As well, Nikyla actually listens to me, and she gets it, she hears what I'm saying and what I mean. After a challenging experience with a therapist who I thought was on my side, I realized he not only wasn't in tune with what I was going through, but also giving me advice that was not at all helpful. Nikyla is not a therapist but I have been able to overcome so much through working with her and the strength i have found in myself is a true testament to her abilities.


I have and will continue to recommend Nikyla to anyone as she has the ability to open your eyes, your heart, & your soul. In doing so, she will help you to see yourself, love yourself and she will give you the tools to create the you that you have the potential to become. 💗”

Leila Hayward

Spa Owner and Herbalist


“I started working with Nikyla because I’ve witnessed someone go through a transformation using Nikyla’s services! After my first meeting, I felt peace that investing in myself through Nikyla would be a great benefit for me and what I wanted to deal wit inside me.


My greatest take aways are receiving balance, clarity, strategies in co-creating my life after healing from trauma,  And also a greater self awareness of my truest form of self!

Nikyla changed my life by helping me dig deep within my soul that I couldn’t reach myself! I’ve done so much inner child work with Nikyla that I finally feel the growth from within and it shows even more externally

I loved the videos set up to help invest in my energy work, I loved the card readings and energy work! I LOVE THE INTERCESSIONAL ENERGY WORK SHE SENT WHEN I WAS SINKING through my healing! I loved that I received so many nuggets that I can carry and edify my soul for life!!!


I recommend Nikyla because of how committed she is to her gift and how committed she is in helping others heal! I recommend Nikyla because When I needed assistance on this journey, Source lead me to her because I could trust her and her gifts to help me to heal and transmute- if she could do it with me, she can do it with anyone!! Lol I love Nikyla!!”