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Becoming UnF*ckwithable

Live Life on YOUR Terms!

A 6 week Masterclass to become; 

Unfuckwithable (adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you

Wouldn't it feel AMAZING to be in control of your emotions? To be able to navigate your way through life without the opinions, habits, or actions of others affecting you?  

  • Are you ready to take control of how you navigate tough situations?

  • Are you ready to learn to take control and step into your power?

  • Are you tired of playing by other peoples rules and conforming to the status quo because you are afraid to ruffle a few feathers?

  • Tired of being less than to avoid conflict with others?

  • Do you want to live more authentically within yourself rather than enmeshed in the eternal world?  


Reclaim Your Confidence & Embrace Your Feminity

Join me for #QUEEN a 4-week program to step into your feminine and harness your innate abilities and gifts as you reclaim confidence and take your #sexyback!


​A queen 👑 leads with her heart and speaks her truth unapologetically.


So many woman now days have lost their power, they have to embody their divine feminine and have become trapped in the expectations and demands of others.


It's time now for women to make a change. Say YES to investing in you and make your life EXACTLY they way you want it!


Are you ready?


If you are finally DONE feeling exhausted, spread too thin, and/or insecure, it's time to say YES and start doing the inner work!




Imagine a SAFE place to let it all out, piece back together and get back out there stronger than before! With weekly meditations, monthly shamanic journeys, monthly intention setting ceremonies, accountability, morning motivations and much more! 


Whether you are able to invest 5 minutes or 5 hours a day in personal growth this is the community for you!


YOU are going to have access to LIVE support and a community that loves and accepts you for who you are!

1:1 Energy Healings

Are you in need of reallignment? Have you become overburden with "life" and lost connection with who YOU really are?


​In  just one hour I can help you achieve complete clarity around your life through both life coaching and energy healings. Combining these 2 powerful programs in one individualized session has incredible results. 



With the right intentions and mindset & a lil bit of magic you can have it all baby! You just have to claim it.



Claim your session today. 

Set Your Soul On Fire!

Discover Your Purpose & Passion For Life- Design A Life You Choose

If you want to be fulfilled, happy, content, and experience inner peace and ultimate fulfillment, it’s critical that you learn how to find your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose as the compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you. It's time to discover what SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE and pursue it with all you've got!

Do you know what set's your soul on fire? Or do you simply go through each day living someone else's life? A life based on societal expectations, norms and status quo?  

Are you afraid of living in your own lane? Or maybe you just never took the time to figure out what you really want in life?  

Are you bored? Unfulfilled and simply going through the motions of life?  

Are you clear on your purpose in life or are you walking around in limbo hoping one day it will all magically come together?  

Are you leading a life with intention? Does every action you take have an aligned purpose? Or are you navigating your way through life without any sort of direction?




One on One~Coaching

Become The Badass You Are Meant To Be!

ARE YOU READY TO... Develop a love for the human you are and show it to the world? Live your dream life…Free from guilt, financial burden, and social isolation? Embrace the warrior within you, break free from the status quo, and be seen as the BADASS you really are.

Have you become….  

*Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of human-hood that you’ve forgotten who you are?

*Is guilt, financial burden, social isolation, and fatigue normal parts of your day?

*Do you feel trapped by your day to day routine and dream of a better life?


1 Hour 1:1 Session (monthly Packages also available)

Online (video chat)

In-Person (Sumner, WA)

Awaken Your Abundance & Step Into Your Wealth 

3-Day Video Series
It's time to UPGRADE Your Relationship with Money!

  • Are you tired of the struggle? Living paycheck to paycheck?  
  • Do the words, "I cannot afford it." Fall from your lips or cross your mind far more often than you would like to admit?  
  • Does money seem to be the ONE thing in life holding you back from experiencing all the things you love?  

STOP STRUGGLING NOW! Click the link below and change your relationship with money NOW!

Freedom From Fear!


6 Week Program
It's time to Start living a life you deserve!

Do you find yourself setting goals, coming up with brilliant ideas that move you, or wanting change in your life and then never moving forward? Do you get caught up in doubt, fear, procrastination?


"I get it, I have been there myself and I know exactly how to shift your mind so you can start really LIVING LIFE!"




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