Getting to the Root of the Issues

Welcome to the Tribe

Keysha Bass

Badass Business Owner and Youtube Queen

“I started working with Nikyla because my personal life was simply out of control. I was having some deep emotional pain and just praying about it wasn't cutting it.


 I had so many things I had buried and I needed someone to help me unravel so I could walk in freedom.


My greatest takeaways were I learned how to love. Not only myself but also others. My marriage and my relationship with my sons has completely changed since working with her. We are able to communicate and love each other and this has been priceless.


I would recommend Nikyla because she is hands down the best coach. She is compassionate, doesn't make you feel bad,  and has not only changed my life but my business has exploded!“

Heather Fantin

Transformational Coach

Nikyla has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. Her depth of knowledge is vast, her skills are sharp, her toolbox full and her energy work the most powerful I have experienced.


She has so much to offer and her presence is an incredible gift. She has given me new insight and tools to deepen my relationship with my husband and set healthy boundaries with others.


She held sacred space and helped me process my grief of losing my father, and helped me navigate the very difficult familial situations that arose with his passing. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her during this time.


Do yourself a favor and make the invest to learn from her, heal with her, soak up her knowledge, and let her guide you back home to yourself and back home to Love.

Christina White

Boss Babe

Working with Nikyla has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Challenging because you are going to have to go through the layers within yourself.


I had a lot of trauma...sexual trauma, relationship trauma, childhood trauma, religion trauma. She has been very loving, trusting, patient, encouraging and never did I have to face ANYTHING by myself. I have been able to get emotionally naked with her and that shit is not easy at all, it’s rather painful.


Nikyla’s  Love is SO unconditional, it always makes the process bearable.  We have done deep healing together because she never let me feel anything by myself. Im better because of Her and the Love, wisdom, tools and coaching I have received from her. She has taught me how to show up for myself.

Her love runs deep. You will not be able to hide, quit or not show up for yourself with her at all and when you are sorting through darkness you want to do ALL of the above. You cant run. Facing and sorting through pain is not an easy process but her cure of love, knowledge and insight your going to vibrate higher.

My life is not the same because of the way she has made me challenge myself to become whole. There is no issue you won’t be able to face. I’ve never cried so many ugly tears in my life. She even had to coach me in crying (real shit) I would try and suppress my pain when trying to release it.


I’ve actually never been okay with crying and had anger issues that she’s given me tools process. I’m am making strides of progress with her. I am forever grateful for connecting paths with her
Your life will never be the same


Kathei McCoy

Fierce Freedom Facilitator

The inner child work I’ve done with Nikyla has been a game changer in my healing journey.


I’ve had numerous coaches, read tons of books and had years of counseling but I still was experiencing the freedom I was so fighting for and coaching others to experience.


The moment I met Nikyla I knew what was missing in all the years of inner work I had done. She introduced me to my inner children.


My inner children were in pain and they were running my life! Nikyla helped me connect with them, hear from them and gave me tools to heal them. I am experiencing a freedom I’ve never felt as a result of  the work I’m doing with Nikyla.


Before this work I depended and longed for others to give me the love and security I so desired. I always ended up let down and frustrated and started to believe that my life would always be hard and full of struggle.


Now I am giving myself what I need and am experiencing a life full of love and pleasure in my relationship with myself, others and in my business!!