Ready to Awaken Abundance?


3 Day Awaken Your Abundance Meditation Series

  • Are you tired of the struggle? Living paycheck to paycheck?  
  • Do the words, "I cannot afford it." Fall from your lips or cross your mind far more often than you would like to admit?  
  • Does money seem to be the ONE thing in life holding you back from experiencing all the things you love?  


I've been there. The single mom life kept me in that old story for so long. It was hard enough to put milk on the table much less pay for anything for ME!  


I wasn't able to invest in my business or passions or do anything fun without a HUGE MONEY GUILT hanging over me.  


One day I finally said ENOUGH! I decided to get to the root of my money problem and you'll never believe it... My money problem was ME!! Yep, I said it, the woman looking back in the mirror was the ONLY thing keeping me from FINANCIAL FREEDOM!  


As I expanded my view of myself and began to love myself completely and unconditionally I was able to receive all the money that was out there waiting for me!  


Now my coaching biz supports my family, I am able to travel the world teaching men and women just like you that there is ANOTHER WAY! That you CAN step out of the struggle and go from merely surviving to absolutely thriving, you just have to take a step back, get out of your own way, and open up to receive all the wealth you've been waiting for.  

So what are you waiting for? STOP STRUGGLING NOW! Click the link below and change your relationship with money NOW!

"Nikyla has Benefited me in my life by allowing my mental focus to be shifted. The shift in my mental focus has been able to enhance my family life and readjust my way of thinking to allow for less anxiety in my life. Working with Nikyla is like breathing a different type of air. It is refreshing and good for the soul. My personal life has been able to be more enjoyable. It feels less stressful than prior to working with Nikyla. I believe I am a more calm Mother and a more attentive wife. If you are someone who is looking for a personal in-depth experience who is open to learning new ways to connect with yourself to improve upon your life you should definitely reach out to Nikyla and make your first appointment. I have tried the typical “counseling” and while it was useful it just doesn’t compare to this type of growth and she seems to be able to get to the root much more quickly and actually guide you." 

Brooke Ashley Martinson  

Real-Estate Agent


  • Tired of money being the reason you don't live the life you want?
  • Did you know that everything you desire is already within your reach?
  • You simply need to learn how to access it.


In this incredible 3 hour workshop we are going to explore our money stories, condition our minds for wealth, and welcome in the BIG MONEY! 



30 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call ($97 value)

Before working with Nikyla I was a very lost soul. I would react based on the moment and not think about the consequences until afterward, (if at all). I feel like I have grown immensely due to the techniques she teaches. One thing I can say about her is...she's real. The message she preaches to the behavioral practices she teaches she honestly and truly believes in. Not only am I a different person at work but my fellow employees will testify that I'm more open-minded about things that I'd blow up over in the past. My wife notices a change in me also. She states that I am more down to earth now and not such a "worrywart". If I had to I'd take this class again because it has helped me grow. Definitely 5 stars and a class act. My last piece of advice would be: you get what you put in. 

Todd Champagne  


Before meeting Nikyla I was lost. I now know who I am and I have the told to become the woman I have always wanted to be. Nikyla taught me to love myself, know the I am worth it and that I CAN make a different in the world. Before I felt sad, lost, confused and alone, I now feel Happy, fulfilled and fully MYSELF! I love the transparency of Nikyla. She is real, raw and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. I highly recommend working with her. SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

Shavon Christina Clinton  


The majority of the time when people are stuck financially it has nothing to do with circumstance or life experience, it is actually something on the inside that is preventing you from getting what you truly want and desire.  


When you do not feel worthy to experience ease, joy, bliss, and pure happiness it is nearly impossible to welcome experiences and opportunities into your life that provide access to those feelings.  


Wealth is more than just something you try to OBTAIN. Wealth is, like happiness, a way of BEING in the world. You have to make the decision to BE wealthy and remain in that state of mind and BEING for the rest of your life.  


When heavier life experiences are thrown at us it is easy to give up these states of BEING like happiness and wealth and go back to the patterns and thoughts we had before. But this is simply the EGO trying to keep you small, safe, and in the comfort zone.  

This work isn't easy, BUT IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!  


You will uncover a lot of truths that have been pushed down and away. You will clear your mind of limiting beliefs and thought patterns and condition your mind d for wealth with my guidance.  


This workshop WILL change your life if you put the energy and work in. You will experience a massive shift in your money and you WILL experience the wealth you desire on a daily basis.  


So what are you waiting for?  


It's time to step into your WEALTH!


This powerful 3-hour workshop is the key to accessing your wealth. When you sign up you will receive a workbook, the 3-hour workshop video, and a link to book your FREE 30-minute coaching call.  


I recommend doing the workbook and workshop first and using your 30-minute coaching call to ask questions and come up with a solid action plan to welcome in your wealth.  

 You will also get access to a private Facebook community surrounded by other people making the money shift, motivation videoes, and weekly teachings.  


I know how hard it can be to rewrite your money story, condition your mind to feel worthy, and take aligned action towards your dreams. You do not have to do this alone.  

 I have helped thousands of men and women go from merely surviving in life to absolutely thriving. I can help you too. Just click the link below and say YES to your WEALTHY!