Are you in need of reallignment? Have you become overburden with "life" and lost connection with who YOU really are?


In  just one hour I can help you achieve complete clarity around your life through both life coaching and energy healings. Combining these 2 powerful programs in one individualized session has incredible results. 


2019 is YOUR year! With the right intentions and mindset & a lil bit of magic you can have it all baby! You just have to claim it.


Claim your session today. 


1 Hour In-Person  Session

Spend one hour in person diving deep into your essence working with both energy healings and master mindset strategies you will leave feeling rejuvenated and replenished with an outline plan for the future. 



1 hour session: Energy healings & Life Coaching

Follow-Up Email Actions Plan

2 Weeks follow up text support for accountability. 

3 Hour In-Person  Intensive 

Spend 3 hours in person diving deep into your essence working with both energy healings and master mindset strategies you will leave feeling rejuvenated and replenished with an outline plan for the future.  You will feel confident with a clear outlook on life and your future. 




  • 3 hour session: Energy healings & Life Coaching
  • Workbook and Reflection Journal
  • In-Depth Action Plan
  • 4 Weeks follow up text support for accountability. 
  • Small snack and refreshments

ARE YOU READY TO... Develop a love for the human you are and show it to the world? Live your dream life…Free from guilt, financial burden, and social isolation? Embrace the warrior within you, break free from the status quo, and be seen as the BADASS you really are.

Have you become….  

*Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of human-hood that you’ve forgotten who you are? *Is guilt, financial burden, social isolation, and fatigue normal parts of your day? *Do you feel trapped by your day to day routine and dream of a better life?



Get a new mindset, boundaries like a mofo, learn the art of intentions and how to realize them with aligned action, and activate a higher level of wealth consciousness as you explore the power of an awakened abundance. 


That's right! In one transformational day you will


  • Learn to Navigate through tough emotions
  • Get clear on your intentions
  • Learn master mindset strategies
  • Boundaries...Enough said
  • You will set powerful intentions and create an action planned of detailed aligned actions to move you through the new year and allow you to create a life on your terms.


My name is Nikyla Maria. I am a Transformational Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Energy Healer & Master Mindset Strategist For people all over the world. 


I have worked with humans from all walks of life and helped them transform their darkest moments into beautiful and powerful opportunities. I will teach you how to discover who you are, fall in love with yourself, and create and live the life you have always dreamed of.


I know the hell that anxiety, fear, and living a life for someone else can bring. I used to be that woman, consumed by darkness, overwhelmed by responsibility for not just yourself but for everyone around you. I understand the feeling of being completely alone in your struggle. I too felt like there was no way out. I was finally free from an abusive marriage and literally the day my divorce was finalized I was diagnosed with cancer. I had two small children, no home, a severe illness, and it felt like my life was turned upside down. I dreamt of a life where I had more time with my kids, where I felt calm and peaceful. I dreamt of a life with financial freedom and the ability to travel the world as I pleased. I dreamed of a life with a fulfilling career and a perfect work-life balance. 


And guess what??? I am living that life right now!  


It wasn’t easy though, working 4 jobs while going to school full-time to get my Master’s Degree, not to mention chemo and oh wait! Raising two tiny humans on my own. I hated life, I was miserable, and I knew there had to be a wait out. I invested way too much time and energy into my life transformation and I decided that I wasn't going to let other human in my situation or similar ones suffer the way I did.  


I know you can feel it, that WARRIOR inside you who wants more. You think of where you are right now and all the things you hoped for and it’s all you can do to breath much less find a way out. You feel that longing creep up and every time you decided to make change something gets in your way. 


That’s where I come in.  


I know everything going through your mind, even that part of you that wants to do it on your own because BY GOD YOUR STRONG ENOUGH, but baby, you don’t have to. You don’t have to do it on your own. You have options, you have help, you have love and support. It is time to let the world see you for the incredible person you are, the person you were meant to be all along. 


It is my life’s calling to give help and direction to those needing change when you don't have a clue "what to do" or "where to turn” and empowering you to be the BADASS human YOUR WERE MEANT TO BE!  


It’s time to break free from your hell and DEMAND the life you deserve. Toss your apprehension and self-doubt out the door. It won't serve you. Listen to that voice inside that is SCREAMING to break free, listen to your instinct and do what you believe is ideal. It's time to DO YOU, it's time to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! 


Think about your ideal life. Honor your qualities. Trust your gut. Be available. Fixate on the future yet to come and never stress the past. Worrying is like praying for all the things you don’t want. And on the off chance that you are considering the past or worrying about the future, you aren't there RIGHT NOW! You are passing up a major opportunity for your life. You're passing up a great opportunity for your future. You are denying the world your gift.


 What's more, you are passing up a great opportunity for a chance to truly BE with yourself and comprehend what you truly need. Your instinct is attempting to help you. You simply need to tune in. You can discover the WARRIOR WITHIN YOU. You can be an extraordinarily good example for those around you of what it is like to follow your dreams.  

YOU are the only one standing in your way.


“In those days that my darkness begins to show its eerie self once again, I realize I have two choices-Rise back up again and again Or, I can loose my faith & continue letting anger rule my World. I choose to continue to get back up & keep trying. My light isn't lost anymore...You have shown me that  "I Can rise up" despite,"the breakdowns. You, have shown me to choose love time &, time again. Nikyla, you have changed Anger Into Patience..Sadness Into Triumph ..Numbness into Self Love. You have helped me in ways no one has ever been able to reach. You've shown me the way out of darkness with your gentle soul and wise advice full of love. I know with all my heart that God put you in my life to help show me the path again. I feel like you are one of my angels here on Earth. Thank you for being you today &, loving me through the anger & pain. You are so inspirational & full of light.”

~Brittany Kentch!~Badass Boss Business Owner @ Bibbity Bobbity Boo. 

Before working with Nikyla I was a very lost soul. I would react based on the moment and not think about the consequences until afterward, (if at all). I feel like I have grown immensely due to the techniques she teaches. One thing I can say about her is...she's real. The message she preaches to the behavioral practices she teaches she honestly and truly believes in. Not only am I a different person at work but my fellow employees will testify that I'm more open-minded about things that I'd blow up over in the past. My wife notices a change in me also. She states that I am more down to earth now and not such a "worrywart". If I had to I'd take this class again because it has helped me grow. Definitely 5 stars and a class act. My last piece of advice would be: you get what you put in. 

Todd Champagne


I would like to give a big shout out THANK YOU to one of the most influential women in my life during this past year.


Nikyla Maria YOU have seriously helped transform my world 🌎 

Working with YOU this past 12 months has been one of the biggest GIFTS I’ve given myself & working with YOU has helped show me just how WORTHY I AM of receiving ALL THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER. All it’s wonders, it’s highs & it’s lows, it’s SHIFTS & it’s MAGIC.


Working with & sharing some pretty AWESOME ADVENTURES with this beautiful woman has been a game changer for me both personally & professionally.

My mindset has BLOW WIDE OPEN & I’m creating so many NEW & exciting opportunities that absolutely THRILL me. 


My business MIND SET was atrocious before 🤦‍♀️ & nothing I did seemed to work out or progress no matter what I did. 

... NOW... My head & heart are beautifully cooperating (for the first time) & my Holistic Coaching Business here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia is looking & feeling SO EXCITING I could scream 😝😂😍 LoL.


So as you can see I pretty much ADORE this magical Woman & admire her work ethics, her personal journey thus far & her future vision ‘that KICKS ASS’ in the BEST kinda way!.. (and BOY, did my ass need a decent KICK). Though this could not have been done with more love, Kindness, compassion, dedication, commitment & encouragement than it was with ALL Nikyla’s support & guidance.


I sincerely recommend her skill & mastery as a Coach, Mentor, educator & Retreat Facilitator & truly am grateful for the true & dear friendship that has grown from our work together. 


I have so much faith & trust in this amazing woman that I’ve recommended my 25 year old daughter to now begin her own journey with Nikyla. 


I’m very much looking forward to our NEXT exciting adventures together Nikyla & absolutely love, admire, respect & adore you darlin. 


With all my gratitude & trust 


Laura Canning

Relationship Coach

Before meeting Nikyla I was lost. I now know who I am and I have the told to become the woman I have always wanted to be. Nikyla taught me to love myself, know the I am worth it and that I CAN make a different in the world. Before I felt sad, lost, confused and alone, I now feel Happy, fulfilled and fully MYSELF! I love the transparency of Nikyla. She is real, raw and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. I highly recommend working with her. SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!